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Moan Lausitz Rallye 2017

Even Moan and codriver Glenn Bjørnrud were 2nd in their class N4 and ended up on 13th place out of 71 competitors, which they are really happy about. 

- After having been behind the wheel for almost 2400 kilometers in the car and 380 kilometers in the rally car, it it safe to say that we are very satisfied with our debut and 2nd place in the Lausitz-Rallye, says Even Moan. The main goal was to finish the rally, because the roads are very demanding and rough. And we finished with pride.

The team had to write their own pace notes, but lack skrev notene selv, but aren't really that experienced getting all the necessary information down on paper. Especially when it's dark, all details are important in order to be able to drive fast.
They also did not get an opportunity to really test their light pods before the rally, and soon discovered that they did not have good enough light on the most demanding evening stages.

Even experienced Lausitz-Rallye drivers struggle when it comes to making good enough pace notes because the roads are so different from what one is used to back home. The grip is very variable on one and the same stage. and it's hard to find the right point to brake. 
- All stages were driven twice and there were really deep tracks, so we are very happy to drive a four-wheel drive car, Moan continues.

They also got to try out a new security system which worked well. Gps with a very detailed odometer and speedometer. The Subaru was occasionally over 190 km/h on the narrow German gravel and sandy roads.

No rally is without problems, the boys had some "offers" during the rally but kept the car on the road. The car, however, went through a lot. Gravel and sand really took its toll on the car, so now the car is in need of some minor repairs and some tender loving care.
- There was so much sand and stones on the stage that the front bumper worked as a shovel and sand and stones were all over the bonnet and the rest of the car, says Moan. And one of the rear side windows were cracked by all the stones.

The rally could not be completed without the best service team, so the mechanics get a lot of credit for a job well done.

And another thing when competing abroad, is the overall setting when it comes to both the competitors and the spectators. Even hobby rally drivers from Norway feel important. 
- Everybody is nice and helpful, asking for autographs and taking photos of us in the service area and out on the stages, Moan concludes. And one thing is for sure; we will be doing more rallying abroad!


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