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After a lot of work and some uncertainty regarding this year's event calendar, the car is as good as ready. As you probably already know, the new car is a 2007 Mitsubishi EVO IX.

The Subaru from last year was sold to Romania earlier this year. The Mitsubishi was bought in Sweden but was originally built in Finland.

After Moan and Bjørnrud planned their calendar for 2018 there were a few delays and due to the change of cars they needed to reschedule. The reason was that ADAC Rally Germany did not accept foreign cars in the national part of the race. The team sent an e-mail to the organizer asking permission to participate, but the answer was no. That meant that the boys were not allowed to start Rally Germany with their Mitsubishi EVO. 

So, they started thinking about buying another Subaru, to start in the international part of the race.

New races were considered and checked out, but the deciding was hard since the big goal was to take part in a large tarmac race abroad.
While working on the new event calendar, the team surprisingly received an e-mail from ADAC Rally Germany saying that they nevertheless would allow foreign cars in the national part of the race.

Finally, everything was back on track again.  The work regarding sponsoring partners and getting the car ready could continue.   The car is now almost race ready, except an engine check, wheel angle control and a few minor details. 

All the partners are presented on the car, although there is always room for more, if anyone would like to support us for this special trip to Rally Germany.

The team will start presenting the partners on their Facebook page.

At the time of writing this, Larvikssprinten is the first upcoming race. Unfortunately, there are only a few participants for the time being but hopefully more teams will submit their registration soon. That way the team gets to test the EVO on the great tarmac roads in Larvik.

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